Terms of Use

The following Terms encompass and elaborate on the regulations governing the utilisation of the sizzling-hot.org platform and the services it provides. The rules and provisions featured in this document hold sway across the entirety of this website and its subpages and take effect upon all individuals browsing our web pages.


Acceptance of the Terms

In the event that any clause or segment of these Terms is met with dissatisfaction, we urge you to cease your interaction with our website. The act of persisting in browsing sizzling-hot.org shall be construed as deliberate consent to our Terms of Use. Furthermore, all subsequent use of the site shall denote compliance with these terms. Notably, the Terms delineated herein shall be unconditionally applicable to all visitors of the site without exceptions.

Moreover, your utilisation of our website equally signifies your willingness to cooperate with our gathering of certain Personal Data necessary for the execution of our services, a provision for which you grant your informed and willful consent. Further insight into the specificities of the data we collect and the methods of its processing can be obtained from our dedicated Privacy Policy.


All instances of first-person pronouns present within this text refer to sizzling-hot.org, the rightful possessor and operator of this platform. Conversely, second-person pronouns and terminologies such as “user” and “customer,” or their synonymous counterparts, refer to the visitor of the site.

Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Affiliate Disclaimer

The primary objective of sizzling-hot.org is to ease players in locating an appropriate online casino and availing exclusive propositions. The casinos we put forth as recommendations on our platform stand as our affiliated partners, from which we derive commission fees upon successful client referrals. Through our affiliations, we are also enabled to negotiate and secure distinctive arrangements for the benefit of our clients, thereby incorporating them into our recommendations.

Currently, sizzling-hot.org itself does not function as an online casino. Direct engagement in wagering activities on our platform is not possible. Additionally, sizzling-hot.org abstains from the processing of payments, charges, or the vending or production of betting software. All references to gambling services and casino games found on our website are extended through collaboration with our casino partners.

Should a user express a wish to avail themselves of our casino-matching services, such intention can be communicated by activating any of the relevant buttons or hyperlinks purposefully embedded on our platform. Consequently, our platform will show an array of offers for the customer. This service is provided devoid of any associated fees.

The user retains complete discretion to determine whether to proceed with any of the online casinos we have endorsed and whether to make use of the bonuses we offer. All decisions in this regard lie solely within the scope of the user.

Furthermore, it is to be observed that, aside from the aforementioned offers, we may incorporate affiliate links to other products and services throughout our platform, provided we judge them as relevant to our user base. In the event that users follow these links and subsequently confirm a purchase, sizzling-hot.org shall receive remuneration from the respective website or enterprise. It is emphasised that the commission fee we receive does not contribute to your financial cost. None of the affiliate commissions we receive are affected by your gambling outcomes. 

Website Usage

Our adept team remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a seamless and gratifying site experience. Nevertheless, we are unable to promise all users an error-free website visit.

Owing to unanticipated events, errors, or demands necessitating immediate updates, instances may arise during which sizzling-hot.org becomes inaccessible. Such interruptions may equally transpire during stipulated maintenance of the website.

We humbly ask for your understanding and patience as we diligently work towards incorporating further enhancements to our site, resolving current technological problems, and introducing novel features and services to improve future experiences. We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that interruptions of our site’s services may cause.

In instances of preset maintenance, our team shall exert its utmost efforts to inform users regarding planned service disruptions. Nonetheless, owing to the sudden emergence of issues, we reserve the option to stop access to sizzling-hot.org without former notification to our patrons.

Nota bene: Note that select web pages of our site may feature hyperlinks or other materials originating from other websites. The inclusion of such content is intended to further enrich our users’ understanding of relevant topics or products; however, since ownership of these third-party websites lies outside our reach, the accuracy, relevance, or comprehensiveness of said content cannot be guaranteed. The incorporation or links to such resources does not imply an endorsement by sizzling-hot.org. It is recommended that you practise due diligence and research third-party content at your own discretion.

Furthermore, sizzling-hot.org bears no liability for any losses or damages that may be incurred due to disruptions in the operation of our website or the utilisation of any content and links present on sizzling-hot.org.

Copyrighted Materials

All text, code, visuals, videos, or alternative materials featured on sizzling-hot.org are our intellectual assets unless otherwise indicated. Any attempts by visitors of the site to duplicate, spread, or modify the contents of this website, regardless of whether such actions are undertaken for financial remuneration or pro bono, are strictly forbidden.

Should you possess a bona fide reason warranting the use of our copyrighted content, we earnestly request that you first make contact with us, allowing us to consider your reason. We retain the right to potentially withhold authorisation for the utilisation of our content.

Nonetheless, if the intention is to print our web pages for individual, private purposes, you are allowed to do so.

User-Generated Content on the Website

There are various ways for visitors to the sizzling-hot.org website to contribute content. For example, this may occur while using our contact form to initiate a connection with us while entering information on our casino-finding platform or when engaging in possible user forums that sizzling-hot.org may build in the future. Individuals willingly provide Personal Data and supplemental content in such instances, which becomes subject to our prerogative for employment, processing, retention, or disposal.

Users hereby approve that content submitted in this manner assumes the status of copyrighted material belonging to sizzling-hot.org, thus granting us the rights to treat it similarly to other intellectual properties on our website in strict accordance with these prevailing Terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Release from Liability

We disclaim any responsibility for conceivable losses or liabilities, whether directly or indirectly linked to the following:

  1. Interruptions to site accessibility, technical issues, or other events associated with the sizzling-hot.org website;
  2. The utilisation of sizzling-hot.org for the purpose of locating casinos, or the navigation of the aforesaid, or any of the hyperlinks featured on our website;
  3. Inaccuracies within content, dated information, and any other discrepancies pertaining to sizzling-hot.org and the external websites we are linked to.

It is explicitly understood that this release of accountability extends to the full scope of the aforementioned scenarios.


Our team maintains the authority to modify, delete, or refresh the content featured on sizzling-hot.org, either partially or fully, inclusive of this Terms of Use Agreement. Such alterations may be undertaken with or without prior notification to site users regarding the ongoing modifications.

All alterations to the content shall be deemed effective from the moment of their implementation within the live domain of sizzling-hot.org. In the event that these alterations are enacted while you have the website active, they shall be applicable to your subsequent visit or renewal of the site.

These revisions to the content are binding upon you, irrespective of whether you are informed of them. The continuation of your usage of sizzling-hot.org implicitly signifies your Agreement with the introduced modifications.


All individuals visiting the site are encouraged to address any inquiries, remarks, or worries to our attention. You can undertake this action by visiting our Contact Us page.

Using Cookies

The next section outlines the application of cookies on the sizzling-hot.org platform.

Cookies are an exceedingly valuable tool for businesses operating websites. These diminutive text files function as unique identifiers for each individual using our platform. Accordingly, they assist our technical team in finding user patterns, identifying potential technical glitches, or strategising forthcoming enhancements to the website.

We predominantly deploy cookies that can be categorised into three distinct subtypes, as detailed below.

Essential Cookies

Required for the regular and seamless operation of our website, these cookies facilitate various services, such as retaining your browsing preferences, managing sign-in credentials, and enabling auto-fill functionality. If you opt to switch off these cookies, certain components of our website may not perform optimally on your device, at least not in alignment with sizzling-hot.org’s original intent.

Google Analytics Cookies

Furthermore, we may engage Google Analytics or similar cookies to pinpoint behavioural trends in our user base. While not obligatory, the insights collected through the utilisation of such cookies can steer us towards content and technical enhancements. As a result, we can deliver an elevated browsing experience to our users in the future. It is worth noting that the information acquired in this manner is not employed to single out individual users but is employed solely for the analysis of visitors sharing common attributes like age, geographical location, and others.

Third-Party Cookies

We may utilise additional third-party cookies on sizzling-hot.org that foster seamless connectivity between our platform and other sites we reference through hyperlinks in our content.

Switching Cookies Off

Cookies are at the core of ensuring the seamless functioning of the sizzling-hot.org website. We strongly discourage users from deactivating cookies, as this may lead to a suboptimal and restricted browsing experience. Nevertheless, it is within your right to opt out of cookie usage and switch off some or all of the aforementioned cookie types.

Should you desire to abstain from cookie usage, the settings can be adjusted within your browser’s configurations, or you may decline cookies through the popup prompt that may appear during your initial visit to the site if such a prompt is presented.

Illegal Actions

All users of the site are obligated to adhere to the Terms set forth in this Agreement, encompassing it in full, as well as to comply with all current legal statutes present in their respective country of residence during their engagement with sizzling-hot.org. 

Furthermore, we urge our users to demonstrate courteous behaviours and civility towards their fellow users by refraining from using abusive language while navigating our platform. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited for site visitors to spread any potentially harmful materials, including viruses, misleading or error-full information, and any other information that may inflict harm upon us or our user community.

In our capacity as the owner of the sizzling-hot.org, we reserve the authority to eliminate any content that deviates from these specified Terms. Additionally, individuals found to have engaged in offensive behaviour may be prohibited from accessing our website in the future. In the event that our team harbours suspicions that a user’s conduct may be in opposition to legal requirements, we retain the power to contact the appropriate authorities.

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