About Us

Welcome to sizzling-hot.org, a website that was made from fans of casino games for casino enthusiasts. We believe every casino gamer should have access to legitimate betting sites with fair odds and incredible casino games. 

That’s why we developed a platform that can help you find all this and more in a matter of seconds. We even added unique promotions that can boost your play because we know how game-changing these offers can be. Think of sizzling-hot.org as your secret spot for discovering the top online casinos in your area!

Our Goals, Strategy, and Beliefs

Instead of creating yet another casino product, whether that’s a game, betting site or something else, we decided to bring players just like you closer to the top online casino offers. Think of us as the middlemen who bridge the gap between you and the casino of your dreams. Most importantly, we enjoy casino games too and realise what is genuinely essential for modern-day online bettors. It’s all about finding a jaw-dropping casino service that also delivers top-notch promotions for its players. 

Casino companies quickly picked up on the fact that the online space can be a lucrative spot for casinos, and as a result, numerous websites are flooding the internet today. New casinos enter the scene every day, and most often, they are owned by the same company. There is an ongoing trend of copy-pasting websites, with slight differences in the name and design but an identical selection of games. This is only one example of the problems gamblers face when trying to find established websites. 

We believe enough is enough, and that’s how sizzling-hot.org was born. It’s a safe space for bettors to find websites that are perfectly capable of fulfilling their gaming needs. Hopefully, our website fulfils your expectations and, most importantly, brings you closer to your ideal gaming experience! We are sure that both novice and expert players will find our platform to be delightful due to its innovative design and ease of use.

How We Select Our Partners

We are an affiliate website, which means that all casinos we feature on our platform are our partners! Together, we are able to bring you the most jaw-dropping offers and allow you quick access to casino bonuses that you otherwise won’t be able to find. 

Of course, we don’t just partner with any casino that wishes to advertise their services. In order to bring the creme de la creme of websites to you, we ensure the casinos pass our evaluation. They must all have the following qualities and perks:

  • An active and legitimate online casino licence issued by an official gambling regulator such as the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority. 
  • The option to play Sizzling Hot and other thrilling slot games.
  • Multiple payment methods that allow convenient transactions in and out of the casino.
  • Exceptional reviews by satisfied players point to the quality of the online casino. 
  • Responsible betting tools that any player can enable when they join the online betting site. 

Aside from all this, the casino will also have an intuitive user interface, great design, and an excellent selection of bonuses for its players. Once we pick our partners, we feature them on Sizzling Hot!

GreenLeads Marketing Team

At GreenLeads, we are well aware that success comes through the power of teamwork. As a diverse group of individuals, we all bring a different set of skills to the table. Some of us are marketing experts, and others have a background in journalism or even game design. But we all share one common purpose – to lead you to the best gaming experiences around! We want each player to experience the ultimate betting conditions and enjoy a safe, exciting, and memorable game session. 

At the moment, our company is based in Bulgaria, in its capital city, Sofia. But our team members come from all corners of the world. We each have a unique role that helps to bring you to the best casino offers around. Curious to get to know the members of our team? While we can’t invite you over for a coffee at the office, we can introduce you to a couple of people who are responsible for the service you see today.

Michael Rose

Michael Rose


Michael really loves games. His favourite kind – the ones where he can come out richer than he started! He’s always been passionate about winning, and he takes his gambling very seriously. There’s no better man to ask about the latest slots in development, the best RTP and bets to choose, and how to keep your cool, whether you’re winning or losing. What’s more, he’s tried it all and can tell a good casino from a bad one in a heartbeat!

Judy Haynes

Judy Haynes


Judy doesn’t play when it comes to matters of the coin. Or rather, she plays – to win! She’s been in and out of most Las Vegas casinos, and even worked at some of them before joining our team. Judy knows the ins and outs of the industry, both as a player and as a casino representative. Her reviews always take both points of view into consideration, resulting in the thorough evaluation of each casino that comes to her attention.

Our Business Culture and Ethos

Here at GreenLeads, we take great pride in our work culture. We empower our team members to thrive both individually and collectively by establishing an atmosphere of mutual respect and candid communication. But we also like to foster a fun and creative space for our team members. 

We like to reflect this ideology in our workspace as well as our lives. That’s why we decided to leave the corporate at the door and ensure our employers enter a fun and inventive office. We don’t use assigned desks, and we encourage everyone to work where they feel comfortable. Some of our staff like to lounge on the comfy sofa in the chill area while others stick as close as possible to the fridge. 

Aside from that, we ensure our staff are happy by providing them with ample opportunities to network and connect. Teambuilding getaways are no rarity at GreenLeads, and we all look forward to the opportunity to bond with any new coworkers joining our ranks!

Maintaining our staff’s mental well-being is essential for our strong retention rate. We want our team members to be satisfied with their workplace and enjoy their jobs. Our goal is to work alongside professionals long-term, which is why a friendly work environment is such a huge priority for us. 

That’s not to say we don’t work hard. We encourage our team to grow and seek development opportunities that help them hone their skills. Whether that’s a new course they want to take or an hour to spend learning from the educational materials in our e-library, we encourage them to do it! We even set aside a yearly budget for additional staff training. 

We want to set new standards for people’s workplaces and prove that innovation and creativity can redefine business culture! That’s what the GreenLeads ethos is all about!

Reach Out

Well, that’s it! We hope we no longer feel like strangers to you and you have a better idea of who is behind this website. Don’t be afraid to send us a message through our Contact Form if you have any questions about our services. We are more than happy to say hello and assist in any way we can!

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